JANUARY 2021 | Wrap-Up and Favs

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This feels so unreal. How are we already more than one month into 2021? I have never been one of the people who see a new year as a new start because I don’t like using that as an excuse to push off being better. But I did hope for a bit that 2021 would be better. Well, it’s still pretty much the same. Anyway, here’s my wrap-up for the month of January:


  1. Odd Girl Out by Morangg #239-242 (caught up)
  2. Tower of God by SIU #379-438 (re-read)
  3. I Love Yoo by Quimchee #11-138 (caught up)
  4. True Beauty by Yaongyi #1-131 (caught up)
  5. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (re-read)
  6. Orange Marmalade by Seok-woo #1-119 (fin.)
  7. A Good Day to be a Dog by Lee Hey #1-20

Pages read: 1122+


  • Guess who finally finished re-reading Little Women? The last time I read it I was still a primary school student so I forgot everything. But while it can sometimes get a bit dull, this book is so beautiful and heart-warming. For one thing, I feel like the romantic relationships are so much more justified in the book than they are in the movie.
  • True Beauty: The webtoon is unexpectedly good??? It’s so funny hahahahaha. I still haven’t watched the drama yet so tell me how it is if you’ve watched it!
  • A Good Day to be a Dog: Awww this is so cute… I usually prefer stories where protagonists are still students because it feels more relatable. But this is still so good! The guys are so cute too hahaha.


  1. Fairy Tail Ep 256-285
  2. It’s Okay to be Sensitive 2020 Ep 8 (fin.)
  3. Start-Up Ep 11-16 (fin.)
  4. Running Girls Ep 4 (fin.)
  5. One Fine Week S2 Ep 3-9 (caught up)
  6. Life Namjoo Ep 1-5
  7. Real Time Love S4 Ep 7-8 (fin.)
  8. Youtuber Class Ep 1-4 (fin.)
  9. Crazy Rich Asians (re-watch)
  10. Haikyu!! Ep 1-25 (fin.)
  11. Men on Mission 2020 Ep 41 (Seventeen), 42 (girl group special)
  12. Haikyu!! S2 Ep 1-25 (fin.)
  13. Little Women (re-watch)
  14. Haikyu!! S3 Ep 1-10 (fin.)
  15. Haikyu!! S4 Ep 1-5


  • Haikyu!!: I am OBSESSED with this anime. I tend to stay away from sports animes but OMG how can this be so good? There’s great character depth and development and somehow it managed to do 10 episodes on just one volleyball match and IT’S STILL SUPER ENGAGING? Dude idk how it did this but I’m so obsessed. I’m finally getting my Netflix subscription worth.


  1. Shin Jun Seop – 별들은 눈부시고 그대는 따시롭다
  2. Shin Jun Seop – I Promise
  3. Dreamcatcher – Intro
  4. Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye
  5. Dreamcatcher – Wind Blows
  6. Dreamcatcher – Poison Love
  7. Dreamcatcher – 4 Memory
  8. Dreamcatcher – New Days


  • Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye: Okay so it’s not a secret that I’m a fan of this amazing and super unique girl group since their debut. Tbh, the first time I listened to this song it didn’t really hit? Like something felt off about the YouTube audio and the climax didn’t hit as hard as it should? (Maybe it’s just me.) But woah, after listening to it a few more times, it totally grew on me. And we love Handong’s comeback to the group and her increased no of lines!
  • Dreamcatcher – New Days: This is my new Dreamcatcher B-side obsession. This felt like such a good anime song like towards the ending where the tiniest bit of hope turns into something grand. Argh it’s just so good, go listen to it.


  1. DECEMBER 2020 | Wrap-Up and Favs
  2. BIASED K-POP NEWSLETTER #9 | Fanly Speaking
  3. Ranking my top 20 K-Pop Comebacks in 2020 | Fanly Speaking
  4. Ranking all the books I read in 2020



  • STAYC – So Bad
  • TWICE – Cry for Me
  • Sunmi – Pporappippam
  • Somi – What You Waiting For


  • I spent most of the month studying for my school evaluations. They went pretty well!
  • Met up with some friends (safely!). It’s so nice to see everyone after being abroad (even for only 2 months).
  • England announced another lockdown so I couldn’t go back for the new term. But I might enjoy doing it remotely better? It’s a shame we couldn’t do lab work though…
  • I got sort of an internship? Like it doesn’t say ‘internship’ in the title so the work is pretty similar. It’s not biology-related so it might seem a bit odd for me to do it. But it’s good to get some experience in different fields, right?
  • The new school term started so I’ve been really busy doing school stuff. (I might be working even harder than I did for the public exams lol.)

So that’s my January! How did yours go? Thanks for reading and stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay strong.

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7 thoughts on “JANUARY 2021 | Wrap-Up and Favs

  1. thank you so much for adding my post🥺💜 LOL I swear that at this point, 90% of the haikyuu fandom have no idea why they like it because it’s so unorthodox😂😂 But it’s SO GOOD. Anyways, I want to reread Little Women soon! And you’ve reminded me that I need to read/watch True Beauty hehe! Hope you have a lovely February💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the shout-out! It seems like you’ve had a very busy January. I also started watching Haikyuu!! (not a huge anime person), but IT’S SO GOOD! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!


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