FEBRUARY 2021 | Wrap-Up and Favs

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I feel like I say this every single time but can you believe it’s March already?? Like how did this even happen? How am I already 2/3 into my first year at uni? The last week has been so packed with school work and I still have 3 lectures to catch up on… But who am I if I don’t write a blog post to procrastinate? :)) So here’s my wrap-up for last month:


  1. Odd Girl Out by Morangg #243-246 (caught up)
  2. Tower of God by SIU #439-485 (re-read)
  3. True Beauty by Yaongyi #132-135 (caught up)
  4. A Good Day to be a Dog by Lee Hey #21-93 (fin.)
  5. Legendary by Stephanie Garber
  6. See You in My 19th Life by Lee Hey #1-19 (caught up)
  7. Sweet Home by Carnby Kim/Youngchan Hwang #1-141 (fin.)
  8. Dice by Hyunseok Yun #1-80
  9. Luff by Arechan #1-10 (DNF)
  10. Finale by Stephanie Garber

Pages read: 1618+


  • A Good Day to be a Dog: Such an adorable Webtoon! Loved the artwork so much!! I also did a mini review for it here.
  • Sweet Home: This was really a surprise. I don’t think I’m particularly invested in the story or the artwork for this Webtoon but the characters! Dang they were good… Mini review here.
  • Dice: Okay so I’m slowly making my way through this Webtoon. I’m not obsessed with it but that prologue has to be the best I’ve ever read. The artwork is good and the story is getting interesting too. I’m excited to see how this goes!
  • Finale: The ending was so good!!! Caraval is still my favourite book of the trilogy but this was a satisfying wrap-up of the story. Mini review here.


  1. Fairy Tail Ep 286-312
  2. One Fine Week S2 Ep 10 (fin.)
  3. Life Namjoo Ep 6 (fin.)
  4. Haikyu!! S4 Ep 6-25 (fin.)
  5. Weekly Idol Ep 497 (Dreamcatcher)
  6. Run On Ep 1-16 (fin.)
  7. After School Club (the episode with Dreamcatcher)
  8. Demon Slayer Ep 1-26 (fin.)
  9. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train
  10. Weekly Idol Ep 500 (GFRIEND, Oh My Girl, Monsta X, Super Junior)
  11. To All the Boys: Always and Forever
  12. Sweet Home Ep 1
  13. Be My Boyfriend Ep 1
  14. True Beauty Ep 1-8


  • Weekly Idol Ep 497: These girls should definitely go on variety shows more! I still can’t fathom how they still haven’t got a music show first win… Anyway this is really funny and I’m so glad to finally see them on Weekly Idol!
  • Run On: Another pleasant surprise. Loved how all 4 main characters were kinda adorably crazy haha. Mini review here.
  • Demon Slayer: Not the best anime I’ve ever watched but it does have the potential and the art is so amazing. Mini review here.


  1. JANUARY 2021 | Wrap-Up and Favs
  2. BIASED K-POP NEWSLETTER #10 | Fanly Speaking
  3. Ranking my top 20 movies / shows in 2020
  4. Legendary, Sweet Home, Demon Slayer and more | Mini Reviews



  • Mamamoo – Dingga
  • aespa – Black Mamba
  • IZ*ONE – Panorama


  • There was the Chinese New Year! We couldn’t celebrate it as much as we used to but it’s great to see some familiar faces (and get red packets haha).
  • I hosted a talk for the first time! It’s just introducing what I’m studying at uni and the application process to high school students. More people turned up at the event than expected and we also got a lot of questions for the Q&A session so it was quite a success!
  • I applied to a few internships!
  • Met 2 close friends, one of whom I haven’t seen in 4 months, and had a really good time just catching up!

That was my February wrap-up! Did anything interesting happen to you last month? Thanks for reading and stay healthy. Stay safe and stay strong.

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3 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 2021 | Wrap-Up and Favs

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning our post in your wrap up! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    I can also definitely relate to school work taking over your life! It’s the reason it’s taken me so many months to comment on your post! I’m so thankful that the semester is finally over for me and I have time to relax now!

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